Pet’s dental health: an important part of pet care

Good dental health will certainly contribute to the overall health of the pet. It is important to practice pet dental care at an early stage to avoid problems relating to the teeth. If you do not remove the plague timely, it will harden and take the firm of tartar to cause periodontal disease. Whether it is a cat or a dog, regular brushing is must for oral hygiene. Buy the toothpaste which is designed exclusively for pets and canine creatures. Dental care or pet’s dental health is an important part of pet care. It is must to combat plague with mouthwashes and prevent the tartar buildup.

Teeth Cleaning

Regular brushing of pet’s teeth is important

To restrict plague buildup, regularly brush the teeth of your pet. If you ignore brushing, there will be problem like bad breath and even the health of the pet will suffer. Build up of plague will cause tooth decay. Then, tooth decay can cause too much pain, leading the tooth to fallout. In fact, an infection from the tooth may also spread to other regions of the body. You can check out the online pet store to find products relating to pet dental health like pet brushes, paste, mouthwashes, etc.

Toothpaste and toothbrush

A toothbrush for cat or a dog will be much smaller than that used by human beings. But still you can buy the brushes in a variety of sizes as per the jaw size. Always choose a brush which has soft bristles. This will protect the gums. You can consider buying a finger brush to get to all the teeth. This in turn reduces the risk of choking. It is important to use the paste which is meant specifically for the canine creatures. Never use human toothpaste since they have chemical additives.

Tips on brushing

  • Start brushing the teeth of your pet as early as possible. Start slowly to gain the trust of your pet.
  • Get used to having your finger inside his mouth
  • Initially, use a soft cloth to brush the teeth. Move slowly.
  • Eventually, start using the toothbrush and toothpaste.

If the dog or cat is not ready for brushing its teeth, you can just offer some dental toys or treats for oral hygiene. This will reduce plague. Read more at

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